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Terms & Conditions
  1. WatchmeSports
    1. WatchmeSports is not a producer of sporting events.
    2. WatchmeSports is an Internet Service Provider as well as an aggregator of amateur sports content.
    3. WatchmeSports provides software, hardware and a broadcasting network to directors (producers) of amateur sports events.
    4. WatchmeSports will provide the producer with a single CustID and any number of ProducerID’s for the purpose of aggregating streaming content.
    5. This software allows the producer the ability to stream, download, modify, and re-upload content to its ProducerID.
  2. Producer & Clubs
    1. Producers and clubs use our software to stream live all the games and matches in their sports tournaments.
    2. The producer pays a monthly subscription fee to WatchmeSports for the use of its software and broadcasting network.
    3. The producer is not charged for storage or bandwidth used to stream.
    4. The producer retains ownership of all streamed or uploaded content to its ProducerID.
  3. Relationship between WatchmeSports and Producer
    1. As-long-as the content is stored on our network, WatchmeSports reserves the right to market that content to its subscribers.
    2. There are two different ways a producer can generate revenue from their content, either through paid viewing (PayWatch) or advertising.
      1. PayWatch is similar to pay-per-view, but rather than charging a viewer every time they view content, PayWatch allows a producer to charge a one-time fee for viewing their event. PayWatch is a good way to charge for live streams.
      2. Producers can also sell ads to local vendors and upload them for viewing during their event.
    3. All revenue generated from PayWatch is shared with WatchmeSports on a 75/25 percent basis. The producer keeps 75% and WatchmeSports takes 25%.
    4. All revenue generated from ads provided by WatchmeSports and run against the producer’s content will be shared with the producer in a 25/75 percent basis. The producer keeps 25% and WatchmeSports takes 75%.
    5. Whichever party is the originator of the content receives the larger portion of the revenue share.
    6. Revenue collected from subscribers of the WatchmeSports app is not shared with the producer. This revenue is needed to cover the cost of maintaining the broadcasting network.
  4. Associations
    1. Associations typically have large numbers of producers and contestants.
    2. In order to encourage an association to adopt our event management software and broadcasting network, WatchmeSports will share a part of its contestant subscriptions with the association.
    3. WatchmeSports will provide the association software needed to track all of the members in their association.
    4. Since all content is owned by the producer, any claims that the association may have on that content should be between the producer and the association. The producer and association shall hold WatchmeSports harmless in regards to any claims to any rights to the media collected.